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7 Terrible Freelance Writer Website Mistakes That Cost You Clients

Make over 3000 a month with THIS Secret! Got a freelance writer website? You should! And more importantly, you need a freelance writer website that SELLS your services. This video will walk you through 7 amateur mistakes you're making and give you some tips so you can create a website that sells your freelance writing services. HOW TO SET UP A PROFESSIONAL FREELANCE WRITER WEBSITE IN LESS THAN ONE DAY (tech guide!): The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Freelance Writer Website (In One Day or Less!) […]

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Make over 3000 a month with THIS Secret! If you want some FREELANCE WRITING tips, let me help by showing you an inside look at my marketing strategy. In this video, you’ll learn exactly what I did to market myself + grow my business to $5K/mo within 3 months! If you want a more in-depth look at the strategies in this video, take my FREE FREELANCE WRITING COURSE: http://bit.ly/wrfreecourse And to learn cold emailing, check out this FREE COLD EMAILING GUIDE FOR FREELANCE WRITERS: http://bit.ly/wrcoldemailing   ——– […]

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